Blockchain & Climate Institute (BCI) is a not-for-profit volunteers-led entity combining the functions of a think-and-do tank, an advocacy group, a law firm, and a chamber of commerce.

“Our mission is to raise awareness among the international climate change policy community of the tremendous potential of Blockchain technology to considerably enhance climate actions.”


Blockchain & Climate Institute provides a ‘super-connector’ platform for policy-makers, corporate executives and blockchain innovators to experiment and adopt the most viable concepts in an enabling environment.

“Our vision is the extensive deployment of blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Internet of Things (IoT) in state and non-state climate actions.”


A perfect pairing of problem and solution

Blockchain technology is increasingly recognized as one of the most enabling technologies to facilitate the implementation of the Paris Agreement and beyond.

It represents an enormous challenge for global climate governance stakeholders, including state governments, international climate funds, development finance institutions, multinational corporations, technology innovators and relevant entrepreneurs across sectors, to engage in this paradigm shift in incubation.

Stakeholders across different spectra of the international community seek an avenue or a common platform for harnessing the full potentials of this revolutionizing technology. The world needs an organisation of experts with solid knowledge on Blockchain and climate change to engage stakeholders in the current climate governance systems by curating and mainstreaming some of the most innovative yet administratively feasible use cases or solutions.

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If you are keen to learn more about the Blockchain & Climate Institute or sponsorship opportunities, please email us.

For volunteering opportunities, please refer to our recruitment announcement and send your cover letter, CV with a couple of English writing samples. We will process your applications as soon as possible.

The Blockchain & Climate Institute is registered as “Blockchain Climate Policy Studies Limited” - a company limited by guarantee (Company no. 11913053) in England and Wales.

The Blockchain & Climate Institute is also registered as “Blockchain and Climate Institute” - a non-profit organization (registry code 80566402) in Estonia/EU.